Vestige, 2010

Black & white video, without sound, 14 min loop.

Out of the two hours you spend in a movie theatre you spend one of them in the dark. it's this nocturnal portion that stays with us that fixes our memory of a film.
—Chris Marker

An open book with empty pages is lying on a dark surface. The pages are moving in a light breeze. As they are very thin and transparent, the changing layers develop all kinds of abstract patterns, randomly constructed, recalling constructivist motives.

The room installation forces the beholder to stay in not more than 3 meters distance to the projected image. This closeness creates an intimate atmosphere, which is difficult to escape from, amplifying the meditative character of the work. Only after a little while, the beholders will notice that something is moving at all in this picture.

“Vestige” is a book without text or narrative, a kind of monument, where the beholder can project his own personal memories or stories.

—Photography: Viktor Kolibàl, 2010.