Brève braises, 2010-17

Performance evening with DRELL and GEOMETRIES, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans.

Brève braises is a series of large, wall-mounted burnt tissue paper installations made between 2010-17. During the exhibition period in select museums, I invited musicians to perform in front of the work. Several concerts took place with direct confrontation of the work, ultimately, transforming as well as gradually destroying them.

This Photo series is a documentation of the performance evening with DRELL and GEOMETRIES on October 1th 2016 for the last night of the show “A Building With A View”: Experiments in Anarchitecture in the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans. As Well as The Performance in Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, Denmark, In frame of the group show "What's Wrong", August 2017.

—Photography Contemporary Art Center New Orleans: Julie Verlinden
—Photography Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, Denmark:Niels Fabæk